First Day on the Job
    LeAnn Faidley, Wartburg College, Iowa, USA
November 02, 2012 
    I just used a modified version of this activity and it seemed to go really well. I added information about the original dimensions of the car and a picture of the crumpled car. I also only gave out information if they asked me for it so they had to figure out what information to ask for as well. I'm working with Freshmen Engineers who haven't had physics yet so I also had an equation sheet with the kinematic equations from a physics text book for them if they asked. I was very happy with the activity. Thank you for providing it. I would really like to be given access to the instructor information if you could grant that.


    Chris Whittaker, Dawson College
October 30, 2007 
    The activity worked really well. I modified some things and will continue to tweak things but one thing that worked well was that I required students to submit a self evaluation which had them reflect on the process, group dynamics and their role in the group.